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the Archive

A collection of works to document the process of my growth as a multimedia designer.



A music video for Esteban Ros ft. Nate Wilson's senior thesis project. LIMBO is the seventh track on Esteban Ros' album, the Right Way. Due to COVID-19, our classes and senior thesis projects were presented online, therefore the music video was shot on an iPhone 11 with the intention of people viewing it on their phones. As graduating seniors, this video was one of our last walks around Hoboken, New Jersey where we all pondered our future paths ahead of us. With New York City just across the Hudson River, we could not help but feel lost, yet excited for our next chapter after graduation. I thoroughly enjoyed being commissioned for this video as it thoroughly represented the mixed emotions of graduating college and moving on to the "better things." I appreciated the challenge of this project as I was commissioned for the music video last minute, and filmed and edited the project in under 16 hours.

Filmed on iPhone 11 & Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro

May 2021

The Five Senses

An introduction of Adobe After Effects, our project sought to demonstrate different ways objects can build up and move in 2D for a duration under 30 seconds. 5 Senses is a playful series of animated images to show motion. The senses are shown in the following order: Sight, Smell, Taste, Hearing, and Touch. Each image was drawn as a vector drawing in Adobe Illustrator and then animated in After Effects. 

Adobe Illustrator & AfterEffects

1920 x 1080


a ride through a light tunnel

A ride through a light tunnel is 3D projection modeling project in my Motion Images: Moving in Space class. Setting of the photo is the light tunnel in Hoboken, New Jersey. 

Cinema 4D 


The New Bronx is Burning

As a millennial growing up in the 2000s, I have first-hand witnessed hip-hop music make its way into mainstream music. A project for my Video I class, we were tasked with researching a topic, then assembling and editing Creative Common footage into a cohesive video. In my research, I learned of the social and cultural aspects of hip-hop, and its history as an outlet of expression and protest.  Hip-Hop originated as a way of expression and an outlet of the violence and heavy drug-use occurring at the time. This video is divided into three parts: the Bronx quite literally burning from riots and protests in the city, DJ Kool Herc's influence on music from his dance parties and toasts, and heavy drug use. I titled this piece as "the New Bronx is Burning" as I believe these are still  issues and topics in the music industry and our society today. 

1280 x 720

Adobe Premiere Pro (.mp4)



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