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"EVERYBODY" is a video composed of edited Creative Commons footage to a self-mixed version of the song Toute le Monde by Carla Bruni. For our final project in Video I, we were given creative freedom to create a video of our own choosing. The lyrics of the song speak about how everybody is a stranger and has their own dream, and to visually represent this, I selected and edit the footage to create a story of a dancer in the word of "EVERYBODY."


My inspiration for this idea came from a small yet existential moment on the subway. I observed an eccentric-like older lady, whom people were clearly avoiding as she was carrying a covered stick-like object. As the train pulled out of the stop, the lady started dancing, using the stick as a prop for her dance. As we do in New York City, everyone else either ignored her or showed discomfort. At first, I tried ignoring her but I felt drawn to her dancing because it was beautifully unique and passionate on a subway filled with noninterested strangers. Immediate thoughts came to my mind: Who is this strange person? Why is she dancing? It gave me a moment of clarity and realization that I resonated with my own struggles at the time- Who am I? Am I a strange person also? The cliche saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover," came to mind as this older lady was freely dancing on the subway, because we are all strange people with different stories and dreams. I will always remember and admire this lady for courageously expressing herself in a room full of strangers, at a time in my life when I was very unsure of the person I was and wanted to be. 


Originally, I planned to shoot my own footage at Bryant Park in NYC to tell this story, however, I had dislocated my shoulder the week (ouch!) before I planned to shoot. It was a challenge to scrap my original idea and find another solution in a timely manner. I am satisfied with the final product as I enjoyed the process of scowering through tons of Creative Commons footage to create a visual story accompanied by the lyrics. In the future, I hope to reuse this idea and create a 2D animation video of the older lady dancing on the subway. 

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